Why take a tour?

So often when you think of “tour” you envision climbing into a huge tour bus with 40 or more people whom you likely don’t know. Let us assure you, this isn’t something that we would ever want to do, so our groups are strictly limited to no more than 12 travelers. And, as our trips are each devoted to a very specific topic, you know you’ll find a shared interest and enthusiasm among the others who have come along.

Why don’t your tours include airfare?

Over the years, we have found that many of the people who join our tours come from all over the country, and even from abroad. And often they would like to use their frequent flyer miles, or they plan to arrive in advance of the start of the tour or want to stay on beyond. So we decided that to accommodate individual choices, and as a tour operator and not a travel agent, we would take care of the land arrangements and travel during the tour and allow each of our participants to choose their own flights.

How does the cost of an Arts & Crafts Tour compare with that of other luxury tours?

“Bespoke” anything is always a bit more expensive, but if you really look at costs we think you’ll find that our trips are not much more than general interest packaged tours and are more then competitive with other specialized tours. Have you noticed how often those itineraries offer you “the day at leisure to explore on your own”, “dinner on your own”, or “the afternoon is free for shopping”? All that free time really isn’t free and can add a significant amount to your total cost. ​We nonetheless appreciate that people enjoy gong out and exploring on their own, so we do allow for some evenings which are not scheduled.

Who are the people who travel with Arts and Crafts Tours?

Generally speaking, our groups are people who have the time and money to indulge their passion for art and architecture. They are seasoned travelers who have been to the “standard” travel destinations, visited the “iconic” sights, monuments, museums, etc. Now they are ready to go a bit beyond the “Top Ten or Twenty” places and delve deeper into their love of art and architecture.

At the same time our meticulously organized small group tours make it comfortable for the less experienced traveler.  Those who travel with us are also happy to leave London and other major cities to explore new parts of the countryside with the knowledge that they will see wonderful and astonishing places and meet some brilliant and amazing people.

What kind of accommodation do you offer?

All accommodations are carefully selected. We try to combine luxury, comfort, and charm. We never book hotels that are not previously tested. Our quality standards are very high.

Is there any free time?

Yes. Often you have free time in the afternoon. Once you sign up for a tour, we will send you a detailed schedule for you to review.

About meals.

In Europe breakfasts and lunches are always included in the tour price. In a town or city large enough to offer a selection, you will be able to select your own restaurant on one or more evenings. We will be happy to give you recommendations. In America, lunches are always included and some dinners. We like you to have enough freedom to experience places also on your own.

What kind of transportation is used during the tours?

We tend to use any kind of transportation that fits the tour needs. From small luxury coaches to public transportation, we will find the best, most convenient, and comfortable way to move from one site to the other. ​Our primary mode of transportation is by small luxury coach. But increasingly we have found that train travel between cities is preferable and more convenient, and in some cities we use public transportation for which travel cards are always provided.

Who are the tour guides?

​Our tour guides are experts in the arts and crafts field. They are art historians, curators, museum directors, university professors and collectors. We strive to offer multiple points of view so that your experience will be more complete. Our guides often join our group for drinks and meals, so everyone has an opportunity to address personal interests.