Here’s a sampling of what tour participants have said:

 Jane and Mary D, Minnesota

We did not think you could plan another tour as wonderful as the William Morris one last summer. But you did – our days in Scotland were pure delight. Many, many thanks.

Robert C, Berkeley CA

The tour was a remarkable combination of great houses and churches, superb gardens, hospitable owners, out-of-the-way museums and hotels, as well as scholarly guides, curators and collectors. Our group, which reflected a fascinating mixture of talents and interests, learned from every aspect of this masterfully planned week. For me it was the perfect “busman’s holiday” with more genuine substance than I had dared to expect.

Joan M, Washington, DC

One gets very spoiled being on trips that are small and specialized, thoughtfully designed and well organized and I can’t imagine traveling any other way!

Sue S, Nebraska

What can I say that will possibly communicate how I feel about our tour? There is only one phrase which describes the ten days – “Simply perfection!” Pampered, enriched, inspired, happy. I have a life-long treasure chest of experiences from this tour.

Ray and Stella L, Texas

Once again we have to thank you for a superb trip. It surpassed our expectations. Meeting all the people involved in the restorations of different Mackintosh sites and properties was more than perfect. The final dinner party, with the various arits and architects involved in all those projects, was “icing on the cake.”

Laurie T, Washington

Congratulations on the excellent job you do putting on the tour. The trip was worth every penny. I was especially struck by the generosity of the people who opened their homes to us and by the fact that you got them to do it.

William L, Chicago

I have been meaning to write you and tell you that hardly a day goes by when we do not either remember fondly or make reference to our tour of last May/June.

Andrea B, New York City

This is a tour for people who have a non-tour group mentality, the perfect trip – intellectual stimulation and physical comfort.

Edith and Joe A, Massachusetts

An incomparable experience. We stayed at places of major Arts and Crafts interest and enjoyed wonderful meals. We were guided by recognized authorities throughout. The tour included privileged entrée into a number of private places and collections. A unique opportunity.

Ralph B, Arkansas

Your speakers were quite impressive, the chosen venues excellent, and your constant attention to detail a thing of joy… Congratulations on a wonderful trip.

Ruth Y, Connecticut

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the dinners and their settings. They seemed so intimate and enjoyable – especially having the hosts involved. Such good company – really it was such an interesting and fun group and you added so much – am now reading my books for it – thanks so much.

…And from one of our lecturers:

It was such a pleasure to spend an evening with your group. I am a huge Bloomsbury enthusiast and enjoy sharing that enthusiasm! It was lovely to have the luxury of enjoying a meal with you all which gave me a chance to get to know so many interesting people.