William Morris And Friends In The Cotswolds
(May 12 – 20, 2018)

This tour begins on Saturday, May 12, 2018 in Oxford where Morris met so many who changed his history and the future he had planned. It was here he met Edmund Burne-Jones, with whom he decorated the Debating Union which is our first stop. It was also here that he met Jane Burden who became his wife. Dante Gabriel-Rossetti was also one of those he met and worked with on projects for some time. We are so pleased that Peyton Skipwith, who is a past Master of the Art Workers Guild, and has written extensively on the work of many of the artists we will see, and is a charming and knowledgeable traveling companion, has agreed to accompany our tour again. In addition we will be joined by such experts as Peter Cormack, Mary Greensted, Mark Eastment, and Paul Reeves. Our hosts include Malcolm Rogers, Detmar Blow, John Biddulph and Sir Nicholas and Lady Mander.

We are so pleased that this tour will enable us to visit, and re-visit, the homes and works of these special, influential, and accessible arts and craftworkers and enjoy time spent with our several hosts. We hope you will want to join us.

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