Upcoming Tours

As you know, Arts and Crafts Tours have always examined in depth the aspects of the Arts & Crafts Movement. In the past, we have traveled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom to present programs that examine the works of individual artists and groups.

For 2018 we are offering two tours:

  • William Morris and Friends in the Cotswolds
  • The Work and Ideas of the Bloomsbury Group

William Morris and Friends in the Cotswolds is the first tour of the season and is being offered from May 12 to 20. Even if you have visited the Cotswolds before, we don’t think you can ever go too often. Several of the iconic sites we will be visiting are private homes, collections, and churches which were central to William Morris and other Cotswolds architects such as Ernest & Sidney Barnsley and Ernest Gimson.

Our second tour of the year will be from September 22 to 30 when we will once again be looking at the work and ideas of the Bloomsbury Group. This tour begins in London. We’ll be guided and hosted by Leonard Woolf’s nephew Cecil and his wife Jean Moorcroft Wilson. We journey south for several days near Charleston visiting sites and homes that were significant to the Bloomsbury Group.

For 2019, we are in the early stages of planning another Private Press tour – this time to Scotland and Ireland.  If you’d like to be among the first to know about this tour, please let us know.

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